Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Latest Technology in Cars

With the development of the technology there are lot of changes in new cars. The car makers has pay more attention to the safety systems in the car as well as the comfortable and new look.

Latest Technology in Cars

Some new features coming with new car

Active radar system

Engineers who are in car market are now planning to introduce an active radar system to be fixed to the car to avoid dangers. This system is enable to use algorithm to anticipate hazards and warn the driver at the right time

Keyless Entry System

Using a key or keeping it with sometimes is a disturb for a busy person. Now there is a Keyless Entry system to help those. Now the new technology is going to replace the car keys with the credit card style system.

Navigation System

This is call GSP system ( Globle Positioning System ) This gadget is like a small computer screen which can be fixed on the dashboard. With the satellite connection this gadget can give the directions to the driver. Driver just has to give the destination details and the system direct him accordingly. Find a nearest fuel station or the bank ATM machine this is a good mate in your car.

WI-Fi hook-ups system

This system help the passengers to get the latest news, weather and other important information while on road. This like a small computer and connected via wi-fi technology.

Data Collection System

With this system it make easier to collect the important details about the car which is important to the personnel to perform remote diagnostic and help to fix the problem when the car is broken down unexpectedly.

On Board camera System

With this system driver can observe the blind spot in the car while driving. It helps to avoid dangerous situations. Mother can see her child who is sitting in the rear seat without turning back.

Voice Command System

This system has been already been introduced in BMW , Lexus and Jaguar models. With this voice command system driver can operate various functions in the car like volume up and down.

Programmable System

With this technology the driver can programme the vehicle according to the preference of his diving style. Audi A8 already equipped with this facility.

Economy Mode

This economy mode will automatically recognize the options which is not utilized and turn the switch off. For example when the Air condition is not required the system identify it and turn off

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