Sunday, 12 May 2013

1969 Dodge Charger

This is by far the top dream car of mine. I would die to own one of these. When it was first launched in 1966, the Dodge Charger was an instant hit. With the idea taken from the mid 1960's Coronet, the new Charger's were made with a rich and superior interior and plenty of power. The Dodge Charger couldn�t be made with anything the 426 Hemi that had 425 horsepower and 490 lb ft of torque. It surely deserved all that power. And with the Muscle Car Market in full explosion Mopar fans went and bought one as soon as they could. I wish I had lived back then because buying a new car like this was dirt cheap compared to now. It cost a little less than $4,000 dollars to buy a brand new, no rust, no dents or scratches, original everything Dodge Charger. That�s like every muscle car lover�s dream! Now they�re worth so much more, especially with low miles and an amazing body. The 1969 Charger still used the same body as the year before but it was designed with a divided grille and new taillights. The base Chargers had the 225-cid slant-six and the 318-cid V-8 as standard engines. The Charger R/T had the 440-cid V-8 as its standard engine. You could get a Charger SE which was a mix of sport and luxury that had all of the standard Charger features plus leather and vinyl bucket seats, fake wood grain steering wheel, deep-dish wheel covers, hood-mounted turn signal indicators, and fake wood grain instrument panel. The Charger 500 was based on the standard Charger, but was made with a flush-mounted grille, fixed headlights, and a flush-mounted rear window glass for lower wind resistance. The reason it couldn�t keep up with Ford�s new cars was because the aerodynamics weren�t good enough, so it slowed the Charger down. But the 500 did have the suitable aerodynamics to keep up. The Charger was no doubt a racecar that needed to be used for its purpose which is to race in NASCAR. To compete in NASCAR and to comply with the newly set standards, Dodge produced a limited number of Charger 500s but soon they realized that they were not providing an advantage over Ford. As a solution, the Daytona Charger was introduced. With a roof-high spoiler, elongated nose made of fiberglass, these cars could charge down the speedway at nearly 200 mph. The modified design paid off when Bobby Isaac won the Daytona 500 in February 1969. Only 1000 Dodge Daytona Charger's were produced and along with the 500 have become two of the most desirable of all Chargers. This right here, is one of the best cars ever made.